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One of the prime exchanges when it comes to cryptocurrency trading is the platform "" which is currently being used by more than 80 million users throughout the world. The user base of the platform itself is indicative of the fact that it is a trustworthy platform you can choose to trade on. However, to start using this platform, you will eventually need to have your login credentials. If you haven't created an account on the platform as of yet, you can simply refer to the quick account creation steps given in this guide.

Post account creation, you may choose the option to trade with more than 20 fiat currencies, pay via Apple Pay and Google Pay, and invest in more than 250 crypto-assets instantly. There are many benefits of trading crypto assets and you can avail of these benefits by reading the details further.

Account registration steps on

Following are the steps you need to follow to create an account on the platform. After that, you can go ahead with login. Here are the steps to be followed:

  1. Open and hit the "Sign Up" button

  2. Once done with that, you can then provide some necessary information on the given page

  3. Further, add details such as your email address, etc., and verify the details

  4. Thereafter, you can create a strong password for login

  5. Follow some more on-screen prompts to complete the process

Learn the comprehensive details on login

You can easily access your account either on the app or the exchange. The steps you need to follow for the same are listed below:

  1. Either open the app or the exchange

  2. Then, select the option referred to as "Log in"

  3. Type the email address you provided during registration

  4. Hit the "Log In" button and then you should complete the puzzle lock

  5. Complete the verification and select "LOG IN" once again

Top reasons why you cannot log in

If you cannot log in to your account, there is some specific reasoning about the same. The list of those reasons is given below:

  • Incorrect login credentials- Make sure that you are using the same email address you registered with

  • Wrong or expired verification code- To put it short, you can just take a few necessary steps to resend the verification code and try login again

  • Problem with the phone number- In case you are not receiving the login code at all, try updating the phone number from the "Settings" menu

  • Network/connection issues- When your device is not connected to a good internet connection, logging in could be a trouble

Tips to resolve the login issues

If logging into your account is an issue, you can follow the troubleshooting measures listed below to get rid of those issues:

  • Navigate to your email box and then delete all the previous emails you must have received for logging in

  • On a timely basis, please make sure that you clear all the cache and cookies from your browser

  • If you are logging in from the web, try switching to the app or vice versa

  • In case you are not receiving the login code, make sure that you go to your spam or trash folder to locate the email for the login code

Concluding Thoughts: login is the only gateway through which you can easily access all the trading features that are available on the platform. Please make sure that you follow all the given instructions in a careful manner to avoid falling into any kind of trouble during the login procedure.

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